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About us

About us

Masan MEATLife (“MML”) is Vietnam’s one of the largest fully-integrated (“Feed-Farm-Food” business model) platform, focused on driving productivity in Vietnam’s animal protein industry and ultimately directly serving consumers with traceable, quality and affordable meat products.



In line with the grand vision to becoming a leading company in Vietnams meat market, MML has chosen the starting point in the meat supply chain, animal nutrition, by merging the two leading animal feed companies in Vietnam, ANCO and PROCONCO in 2015, and launched Bio-zeem - the leading brand in high-performance feed. MML then has actively invested in the rest of the supply chain - Farm, Processing Plants, Retail chains - in 2017 and 2018 to bring the fresh chilled meat under the MEATDeli brand to the market at the end of 2018. MEATDeli is the first chilled, branded meat in Vietnam produced by state-of-the-art European processing technology.
With the end mission “MEATLife for a better life”, Masan MEATLife has a strong desire to provide a better meat life - with delicious, safe and affordable meat products - for 100 million Vietnamese consumers.



  • 2019

    In January 2019, MNS Farm Nghe An was granted the GLOBAL G.A.P certificate for its completion of an internationally recognized set of farm standards dedicated to Good Agricultural Practices.
    On 23rd July 2019, Masan Nutri-Science announced its name change to Masan MEATLife and focused on the meat industry.
  • 2018

    In February 2018, Masan Nutri-Farm held a groundbreaking ceremony of its meat processing complex in Ha Nam province with the aim of providing fresh and chilled branded meat products to consumers.
    In December 2018, Masan Nutri-Farm successfully launched its branded chilled fresh meat product,“MEATDeli”
  • 2017

    In April 2017, KKR entered into definitive agreements to invest US$150 million to purchase a 7.5% in Masan Nutri-Science
    In August 2017, MNS Meat Processing was established
  • 2016

    In March 2016, Masan Nutri-Farm was converted into a Joint Stock Company and was renamed as Masan Nutri- Science Corporation; ANCO acquired a 14% stake in VISSAN

    In May 2016, Masan Nutri-Science increased its direct ownership
    in ANCO from 70% to 99.99%

    In June 2016,ANCO increased its stake in VISSAN to 24.94%

    In June 2016, Masan Nutri-Farm (N.A) was established

    In November 2016, Masan Nutri-Farm (N.A) broke ground the high-tech pig farm in Nghe An

  • 2015

    In January and February 2015, through a subsidiary, Sam Kim Company Limited acquired an additional 13.06% stake in Proconco.

    In April 2015, Masan Group acquired Sam Kim, the controlling shareholder of Proconco and ANCO. The acquired company was subsequently renamed Masan Nutri-Science Company Limited. The acquisition of Masan Nutri-Science immediately made Masan one of the largest animal feed in Vietnam. Masan Nutri-Science aims to transform Vietnam’s animal protein industry and ultimately reach consumers with branded meat products.
  • 2014

    In July 2014, Sam Kim Company Limited acquired 70% stake at ANCO
    In late 2014, Sam Kim Company Limited acquired Shika, a company with a 40% stake in Proconco.
  • 2012

    In November 2012, Honeysuckle Company Limited changed its name into Sam Kim Company Limited.
  • 2011

    In October 2011, Công ty TNHH MTV Hoa Kim Ngân (English name: Honeysuckle Company Limited) was incorporated.