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Why MeatDeli?

Why MEATDeli?

MEATDeli are produced with the most advanced slaughtering and packaging technologies from Europe under the supervisory of experienced European experts, via the Fully-integrated business platform 3F (Feed – Farm – Food) and through Three strict quarantine steps.

Bio-zeem technology is considered a prominent breakthrough of Masan MEATLife in particular and the livestock industry in general for animal feed industry. Our Bio-zeem range of products include proprietary enzymes to strengthen a pig’s immune system and improve the feed conversion ratio (FCR), thus improve digestion to help pigs grow naturally and healthy right from the very first stage. According to internal studies, Bio-zeem improved FCR by about 6%, pigs are able to be slaughtered at 12 days earlier than the market average, thereby optimizing animal performance.
Launched in July 2015, Bio-zeem became the industry’s first power brand, achieving over 90% in terms of loyalty rate, brand awareness and top-of-mind choice within the commercial pig feed category. MML currently operates 12 animal feed plant across the country in accordance with Global GAP standards.
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As a part of an integrated 3F (Feed-Farm-Food) chain, the farm with an investment of more than VND 1,000 billion,
was managed with a focus on preventing disease as well as improving animal welfare and food safety associated with pork consumption.
The 220-hectare farm, which is put in to operation in Dec 2018, is isolated from external contact to ensure
the strictest biosecurity conditions to minimize risk from diseases.
 Pigs are carefully selected according to the farm's strict standards from the beginning.
 The farming environment ensures hygiene and safety for healthy pigs, limiting disease. Strict disease control system, always ready for treatment and isolation options.
 Closed farming technology helps minimize the impact of weather conditions on the growth of the herd, contributing to increased productivity.
 Process standards are equivalent to international pig farm management standards and in accordance with Global G.A.P standards issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
When fully ramped up, our farm in Nghe An will supply 230,000 - 250,000 porkers per year.
In addition, MML is developing a farm system in the South, which is expected to come into operation in 2020. Besides the owned farm,
MML also develops a cooperative farm system with local farmers. By 2022, these cooperative farms will be expected to
supply 80% of MML'S pork demand.
Meat processing complex Ha Nam with an investment of more than VND 1,000 billion is an final and important piece of the fully-integrated animal protein chain.
The complex has the most modern and comprehensive equipment line provided by Marel - the world's leading company on Dutch meat and slaughtering equipment. MEAT Ha Nam is also the first and only factory so far in Vietnam in the field of cool meat is assessed to meet the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. BRC is a set of standards set by the British Retailer Consortium to control food quality and safety and is considered a "Gold Standard"in the field of food safety.
Closed, Hogh-tech slaughtering, packaging and transportation process:
 Before slaughtered, pigs are isolated and listen to relaxing music before fainting with CO2 for 10 - 20 seconds. The purpose of this is to reduce injury, stress and pain for the animal.
 The carcasses immediately after slaughtering are through a cooling process to lower the temperature of the center of the meat from 0 to 4 degrees Celsius for no more than 24 hours, helping the meat to go into the biochemical ripening stage, then be carried away in the snakehead phase.
 Meat is packed with Oxy-Fresh technology to ensure hygiene and maximum retention of nutrients.
 The whole process of transporting, preserving and distributing cool meat to consumers ensures the meat temperature from 0 to 4 degrees Celsius.
Quarantine Round 1: "Quarantining, only healthy pigs are allowed to leave the farm", only purchasing healthy pigs from farms that have been tested negative for African swine fever and have the related certificates issued by Regional Animal Health Offices.
Quarantine Round 2: "Quarantining, only healthy pigs are brought to MEAT Ha Nam", a laboratory with European equipment is installed and operated 24/24 at the Meat Ha Nam to conduct a review and made sure that no infected or infecting pigs were brought into the meat processing complex.
Quarantine Round 3: "Quarantining, only healthy, safe pork can be sold from MEAT Ha Nam", a final inspection to ensure MEATDeli meat is free from pathogens


Why MEATDeli?